Use Cases


Athletes run out of breathe quite often at peak performance levels – in the truest sense of the world. Detecting pollutants in the air such as fine dust or nitrogen dioxide can have a strong impact on that and can decide about victory or defeat. Kaizer Luft gives you the possibility to inhale the finest and cleanest quality air from Germany that helps you to take up every challenge.



Long nights of partying can be very exhausting. Firstly the alcohol drains energy from your body. Even worse is the fact that rooms full with crowded people run out of air very quickly and make you feel powerless and drained. Kaizer Luft keeps you alive for the night and enriches you with pure and pleasant air from hand-picked unique natural territories.



Everyone needs some rest from daily life. Why not take a deep breath to really relax? But exhaust gases, smog, and air pollution prevent your body many times from extensive relaxation. Kaizer Luft is free from any contaminants and therefore the best option to spend your recovery phase with. Do something good for your body!


At work

It doesn’t matter if at work, at school or at university, you have to stay focused and you are committed to excellence in performance at any time. But many people find it difficult to remain mainly concentrated for a longer period of time. Fresh air increases your concentration ability and contains a huge proportion of oxygen that makes your brain work. Kaizer Luft contains the freshest air of Germany and helps you to succeed.


On the move

Permanent travelling is perceived as exhausting and annoying. Often you are forced to be on the road for many hours without having any occasion for a break. Your next trip will be much more pleasant if you have Kaizer Luft with you. One breath of the soothing air gives you power to overcome more than just a short train ride.


At home

What can be better than being at home? It’s the place that you are most familiar with and where you can get a break from your stressful day. Kaizer Luft will be your best fellow in helping you to relax, gain some energy and recover from everyday life in order to accept new challenges. In addition, Kaizer Luft is perfectly designed to share with family members and friends.