About us

Kaizer Luft is fresh, clean and natural German high quality air, collected at untouched, carefully selected spots far away from cities, industrial areas, roads, rush and civilization. This unique, premium air is collected and then directly filled in convenient bottles to make it possible to enjoy Kaizer Luft anywhere, at any time.

“Kaizer Luft” is a German word meaning “the air of the emperor”. Since the Middle Ages, European high nobility appreciated the clean and pure air at select German locations while spending their yearly holidays in these regions. Without having today’s scientific methods and knowledge, they recognized the empowering and refreshing aspects of breathing pure, high quality air. Because most of the scientifically determined spots from which Kaizer Luft is currently collected have indeed been popular travel destination for the German Kaiser and other European high nobles, Kaizer Luft is the perfect brand for this premium air product from Germany.

Kaizer Luft is collected only from hand-picked German recreational areas featuring top air quality characteristics. Over a period of three years, the team from Kaizer Luft has analyzed relevant air quality statistics throughout Germany. Based on a long list of suitable spots, the search has been narrowed by applying geo-data, climate characteristics and seasonal factors. Those years of research and a multitude of quality tests guarantee a fabulous experience for your lungs, your spirit and your soul. In addition to the selection process for the best spots, internal Kaizer Luft quality control process was developed to collect the air, choose durable bottles and perfect the bottling process in order to meet and exceed high German standards. Therefore, you can be assured that Kaizer Luft is a product characterized by its purity and uniqueness.

The locations where Kaizer Luft is collected stand out due to very low concentrations of particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide. Therefore, we guarantee that you to breathe air just as royalty did during the last centuries.

Before travelling to these isolated regions, we ensure air of purest quality because of the perfect circumstances. We are in constant contact with measuring stations and meteorologists to meet our quality standards. After the air has been expertly collected, it is immediately escorted to our trusted, certified bottler in Germany. Each bottle of Kaizer Luft is individually controlled before shipment. We have developed a 10-step quality checklist to deliver each premium product with the highest quality for your complete satisfaction.